Thermometers – newborn essential! Your FREE BabyDoc Podcast has all you need to know!

Thermometers – a newborn essential!

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We are going to look at bath, water, room and multifunction options that can double up and save you money too!

A quick checklist…

  1. QUALITY! You want it to last for years in the house and serve all members of the family!
  2. What TYPE do you need? Body temp/bath temp/room temp or a mix?.
  3. Look at Multifunction ones, as some will cover all functions! So decide what you need before you invest!
  4. It Needs to be Fast and accurate, especially when your little one is unwell and could be agitated. Speed is of the essence! Most have an alarm or have colour coded red/green results to alert you of a high or low temperature.
  5. Is it digital/rectal/forehead/temple/ear/or multi use again!
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