MILTON baby bottle cleanser – Wash baby bottles PROPERLY first BEFORE sterilising!

Wash baby bottles PROPERLY first BEFORE sterilising!

NOT washed properly, means NOT sterilised properly! This could lead to BACTERIA thriving in left over milky residue!

Easy to AVOID with the help of MILTON baby bottle cleanser – specifically designed to wash ALL your baby bits safely & efficiently! Watch now to get your bottles SAFE & STERILE!


Are you cleaning your baby bottles properly? Bacteria can THRIVE within the  milky residue left in bottles and bottles that aren’t properly cleaned won’t actually sterilise! It’s gross and a bit scary but it’s simple to avoid, especially with the help of Milton’s latest invention!

So here’s what you need to do!

  • First, unscrew all the bits of the bottle and get rid of any milk left over
  • Rinse all parts of the bottle under a tap using cold water
  • Then put all the bits in warm soapy water –
    • Milton gave me their new Baby Bottle Cleanser to test. I really like it because it’s specifically developed to clean your baby bits. It’s clinically proven to reduce milk residue, and unlike most washing up liquids, it’s fragrance and colour free so its really safe for baby.
    • With all the washing up we do with a new baby I often found my skin getting irritated but this is dermatologically tested and is actually developed for sensitive skin.
  • Next step is to get your bottle brush to clean the inside of the bottle and a sponge on the outside. Don’t forget the screwing area at the top of the bottle!
  • Use a teat brush to clean the teat inside out.
  • Then rinse everything with hot water and leave out to drain!
  • What’s also really great about the Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner is it’s also really environmentally friendly, it’s a 100% plant based formula and 100% biodegradeable plus the packaging is easily recyclable

Doing this every time will make sure your bottles are properly cleaned and you’re keeping your little ones safe & healthy!


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